April Empties & Throwaways

april empties 2.jpg

During the last two months, I sadly wasn’t able to finish many full-sized products. However I do have several decants and samples that I did use up! Please note that my thoughts on those are really just first impressions rather than actual reviews.

P.S. Also, there are no throwaways this time, just empties! I generally try to avoid throwing away products.


Scinic Propolis Ampoule 95, 30 ml

So this was the only full-sized skincare product that I finished these last two months. The ampoule contains 95% propolis. I liked this product enough: the texture was nice on skin with no stickiness, and the fragrance was barely discernable (very faintly sweet/honey-like). I used this once or twice every day, and it lasted me a little over a month. This was decently hydrating and slightly brightening for me, but nothing amazing. Would not repurchase, but I’d recommend this to someone new to skincare.

I purchased this from Amazon for around $13, but this is available from a lot of retailers.

Etude House Color My Brows (#4 Natural Brown), 4.5 g

This is the second one I’ve used up and I quite like it! The brush is similar to that of a large spoolie and it’s very easy to comb this through your brows to give them a bit of color. Your brows will be somewhat stiff after using this, but it’s not too bad. The product also has decent hold, so as long as your brows aren’t too unruly, this should hold them in place. The color is slightly too light for me. Would repurchase, but I’m starting to get a little bored and may explore other brow options.

I purchased this from Amazon for around $6, but this is available from a lot of retailers.

Fresh Sugar Lychee Rollerball, 0.34 oz / 10 ml

I love this scent SO SO much. This was my first perfume rollerball ever and I’ve had it for three years because I rarely used it. Now I’ve finally finished it and I’m missing it a lot already. It’s a really wonderful spring/summer fragrance that smells vaguely of lychee/citrus/fruit with some amber notes. (I’m not a fragrance expert whatsoever so I won’t even talk about top/middle/bottom notes- just see the links below for more detail.) Unfortunately, the staying power of this perfume is really awful on me. I find that the fragrance almost completely disappears on me within an hour. I’m still kind of tempted to buy the full size because I love the scent, but that’s probably a bad idea… So I’m on the fence as to whether I’d repurchase. Maybe I’ll get the rollerball again once I finish up all of my mini perfume samples.

I purchased this from Sephora for $25. This is also available at the official Fresh website for the same price.

Belif Hungarian Water Essence, 3 ml sample

I’ve tried a sample of this before and enjoyed using this both times. It’s a nice, watery essence that absorbs quickly with no stickiness and is lightly hydrating. There’s a little bit of a fresh, maybe citrusy scent. It layers pretty well with other products. Wouldn’t purchase the full size though due to the price.

The full size (2.53 oz / 75ml) can be purchased at Amazon for $40, Sephora for $42, as well as other retailers.

Blithe Tundra Chaga Pressed Serum, 2 ml sample

I was really curious as to how this product would work, as I find Blithe’s products kind of gimmicky. (I also have a sample of one of the splash masks that I’ll be trying out soon). Due to the 60% chaga mushroom extract I was kind of expecting a woodsy or earthy smell, but this just faintly smells perfume-y. I did really enjoy the texture of this product, which feels like a balmy but light moisturizer. It feels rich and hydrating, but not too heavy on the skin. I can’t tell from the sample how well it does with regards to long-term effects though. I’m interested in trying out the full size, but at that price point, I will probably pass.

The full size (1.68 oz / 50 ml) can be purchased at Glow Recipe for $49, Sephora for the same price, as well as other retailers.

Kikumasamune Sake High Moist Lotion, 5 ml decant

This was a really nice toner! It absorbs quickly with minimal stickiness and softens my skin a little as well. I think I may have also noticed some brightening. I’m not loving the strong scent though- the fruity sake smell is a bit off-putting for me personally. Would consider purchasing the full size, but I think I would get bored of it or tire of the scent before I could finish the huge bottle.

The full size (a whopping 500 ml) can be purchased on Amazon for around $13, but this is available from other retailers too.

Kikumasamune Sake Milk, 5 ml decant

This emulsion has the same scent as the toner and also works well in softening my skin a bit and providing some nice light hydration. Would consider purchasing the full size but again, I think I would get bored of it or tire of the scent.

The full size (380 ml) can be purchased on Amazon for around $13, but this is available from other retailers too.

Stratia Velvet Cleansing Milk, 5 ml decant

This is the first Stratia product I’ve tried! This is a really gentle creamy cleanser that doesn’t leave any residue on my face and leaves my skin feeling soft. I used this as my second cleanse as you’ll need an oil-based cleanser or makeup remover to do the heavy lifting. Even though this is a rich cleanser and I have oily skin, I quite liked it. Would consider purchasing the full size once I run out of my current cleanser.

The full size (4 oz) can be purchased on the Stratia site for $15.

Cosrx Advanced Snail 92 All in One Cream, 5 ml decant

I have desperately wanted snail products to work miracles on my skin. In fact, they were the reason why I got into Asian skincare in the first place. Unfortunately, I still haven’t found any snail products that do much for my face. This is a nice, light cream that has a slightly goopy texture due to the snail slime and feels very nice and soothing on the skin. Other than being lightly hydrating, I didn’t get super soft skin from this cream unlike many others. Sadness 😦 Wouldn’t purchase the full size because this product doesn’t do much for me.

The full size (100 ml) can be purchased on Amazon for around $15, but this is available from a lot of other retailers too.