Review: Glossier Megapost


So it probably seems like a strange choice to write my first review on Glossier, when I started Glow Potion to talk about Asian skincare. But I have an addiction to Glossier and I’ve tried quite a few of their products so I wanted to get this out of the way first!

First off, Glossier’s marketing team has done a pretty amazing job with their branding. The “cool girl” aesthetic, the minimalist yet trendy packaging- Glossier is all about this sort of effortless, low-maintenance beauty and using just a few simple products to achieve it. All of these are things that attract me to Glossier.  Yet for the same reasons, I also dislike the whole approach to “cool girl” beauty. Girls who put a lot of effort into their makeup and skincare are pretty awesome too, you know?

There’s something about the cult-like devotion to the brand that puts me off as well (probably hypocritical, considering I’ve bought so many products from them). I’ve personally found it very difficult to come across unbiased or in-depth Glossier reviews. Suffice to say, Glossier targets a very specific demographic and they do it extremely well.

However, despite everything, there’s something about the brand that keeps me coming back. (I just counted and I currently have nine Glossier pink pouches. Oops.) I’ve found that I’ll keep buying new products, but I actually haven’t repurchased anything yet.

In any case, keep on reading below to see what my thoughts are on all of the Glossier products I’ve tried out!  I’ve also linked the products in case you’d like to take a look at their full ingredient lists on the Glossier website. 

Moisturizing Moon Mask, 3 oz, $22

This was the very first product I bought from Glossier, probably because something about the name just makes the product so appealing to me. The Moon Mask is supposed to be a calming, brightening, and “intensely hydrating” treatment.

I really liked the texture of this mask, which is a semi-opaque white, almost bouncy gel. It was fun to use and easy to apply on my face, but gave me mediocre results with regards to brightening and hydration. I definitely would not consider it an intense treatment, and my skin is on the oily side.

Rating: 3/5 – I liked this enough. Would consider repurchasing only because of the bouncy texture, which I really enjoyed.



Milky Jelly Cleanser, 6 oz, $18

This is my favorite Glossier product that I’ve tried! I actually got two bottles of this despite only purchasing one due to a shipping error, and I am about to finish my second. (FYI, based on my personal experience, Glossier’s customer service is pretty great.) This is a gentle cleanser with a fantastic creamy gel texture. It leaves my skin feeling soft after rinsing and I really enjoy the rose scent. I don’t find the fragrance too strong personally, but then again I absolutely love roses, so it may be strong for others with sensitive skin.

Despite Glossier’s claims, I don’t find that this cleanser removes makeup very well. As such I like to use this in the mornings, or in the evenings as a second cleanse after removing my makeup.

Rating: 4/5 – I docked a point because this doesn’t remove makeup well, but I really like this otherwise. Would repurchase.

Balm Dotcom, 0.5 oz, $12

I got these in Coconut and Rose and seriously loved the scents of both of them. They are subtle but smell amazing. I also liked the texture, which was like a fancier version of Vaseline. The Rose Balm Dotcom has a very light pink tint, which can give your lips a nice rosy glow as long as they are not pigmented like mine. The Coconut Balm Dotcom has no color.

Unfortunately, the Balm Dotcom was not hydrating at all for me. I have very dry lips so I always wear some kind of lip treatment overnight, but this didn’t do much. I’ll be sticking to my boring but reliable Carmex/Vaseline. As a daytime lip balm I also found that the Balm Dotcom just kind of sat on top of my lips. I also tried it on other areas such as my cuticles, but it wasn’t great for that purpose either.

Rating: 2/5 – These didn’t do much for me. Would not repurchase.


Boy Brow, 0.11 oz, $16

My brows aren’t perfect and honestly a little sparse, but I am pretty low maintenance (i.e., lazy) when it comes to them. I generally like to just use a tinted brow gel, so Boy Brow seemed right up my alley.

I got this in Brown, and it had a nice amount of pigment while being very natural. It also leaves your brows soft and flexible, but still has decent hold. However, I found that the brush picked up a little too much product for my taste. I also prefer a larger brush. I think Boy Brow works best for those who already have nice, full brows and just need a little bit of additional grooming.

Rating: 3/5 – I liked this enough. Would not repurchase due to the price point.

Stretch Concealer, 0.17 oz, $18

Luckily, I don’t usually have acne or a lot of blemishes/scarring I need to cover on my face (thank you birth control, you are a miracle worker), so I was okay with the fact that the Stretch Concealer isn’t very heavy duty and gives buildable, but medium coverage at best. That being said, it is much too emollient for me. According to Glossier, this gives “dewy, glowing coverage,” but I also find that it never fully sets and remains very tacky on my face unless I use a finishing powder, which defeats the point of its dewy finish.

Due to its lack of coverage, the Stretch Concealer is more suited for things like undereye circles, rather than acne. I also find that it will sadly accentuate any dry skin on my face.

Rating: 2/5 – I wasn’t too fond of this. Would not repurchase.


Perfecting Skin Tint, 1 oz, $26

On days I wake up with great skin, I love using the Perfecting Skin Tint. It is a really nice product to use when my face isn’t dealing with any issues. I typically won’t wear powder on top as the soft finish gives a subtle brightening effect. However, be warned- this tint has practically no coverage. I also find that this applies best when my moisturizer has not yet fully dried, and if my face isn’t perfectly hydrated, this will not look good on dry spots and drags on the skin.

Surprisingly, the simple and almost childish packaging of the Perfecting Skin Tint works really well. It dispenses perfectly without any mess,  which is a relief because it is a very runny liquid. I typically use 5 to 7 drops.

Rating: 4/5 – I really like this, but only on “perfect” skin days. I have mixed feelings as to whether I would repurchase this.


Priming Moisturizer, 1.7 oz, $25

This is not an amazing moisturizer, but its biggest strength in my opinion is that it creates a great base for makeup. This works well with the Perfecting Skin Tint and is an opaque white, thin lotion, similar to that of an emulsion.

Unfortunately, the Priming Moisturizer is not very hydrating, so you will most likely need an additional moisturizer in your routine unless you have very oily skin. It also doesn’t really help me with redness, as it is supposed to do. Additionally, like everyone else, I wish this had SPF.

Rating: 4/5 – I liked it a lot as a makeup base. On the fence as to whether I would repurchase this though.

IMG_0383 edited.jpg

Haloscope, 0.19 oz, $22

I am obsessed with stick highlighters and have Haloscope in both Quartz and Topaz. Unfortunately I missed out on Moonstone, which was limited edition, but oh well… I really didn’t need three of these. According to Glossier, this is the “galaxy’s first dew effect highlighter.” Cute.

The Haloscope has a core of coconut oil (which could be problematic for those prone to acne) and both Quartz and Topaz give a beautiful glow, but for me personally it never fully sets on the face. I find that it stays a little tacky on my skin, which I dislike. It is not as tacky as the Stretch Concealer though, at least.

Rating: 4/5 – These were nice. Would not repurchase though.


Priming Moisturizer Rich, 1.7 oz, $35

Finally, my most recent Glossier purchase is the (kind of) newly released Priming Moisturizer Rich. I had high hopes for this as I liked the original Priming Moisturizer enough as a base for makeup but wished it was more hydrating. The packaging also looked beautiful, even though I’m not too fond of jars. Unfortunately, the new Rich version did not live up to my expectations. Immediately with dismay, I noticed that it has a very strong lavender scent. (I read on ITG that it had a subtle lavender fragrance, but this was way beyond subtle.)

The texture is as Glossier claims- it is very creamy and luxurious. However I do find it can be a little bit greasy, even though it is not supposed to be. And oddly enough, despite how dense it is, I didn’t find it was very hydrating for me as a night cream. The Priming Moisturizer Rich still creates a good base for makeup just like the original, but it is a little too heavy for me to wear in the daytime given I have oily skin.

Lastly, a minor pet peeve: I personally don’t consider $35 cheap for a face cream, and it irks me that ITG is calling this “affordable.” I mean, I guess it is if you’re comparing it to a ridiculously priced $250 cream. I suppose I’ve just been spoiled by how affordable Asian skincare is…

Rating: 2/5 – I wasn’t too fond of this. Would not repurchase.

Whew, that was a lot of words. I tried to keep my reviews very short due to the number of products I covered here, but it still ended up being a monster of a post!

tl;dr- I love Glossier’s branding but have mixed feelings about their products. Among all of the things I’ve tried, there are only two or three products I would actually repurchase. However, I’ll probably continue to get sucked in by the marketing and packaging. (I was sooo close to buying the Supers…) If you want to try one thing from Glossier, I would recommend the Milky Jelly Cleanser!


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